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Year 2016|Vol. 19|Issue 1|167 pg.
ISO 14051: A new era for MFCA implementation and research | 1) Katherine L. Christ, 2) Roger L. Burritt
An exploratory study of the pressures and ethical dilemmas in the audit conflict | Marcela Espinosa-Pike y Itsaso Barrainkua
Real economic activity and accounting information in Spanish construction and real estate firms | Juan Carlos Navarro-García y Antonia Madrid-Guijarro
Corporate social responsibility practices in Spanish small and medium businesses: Explanatory factors analysis | (1) Jesús Herrera Madueño, (2) Manuel Larrán Jorge, (1) María Paula Lechuga Sancho, (1) Domingo Martínez-Martínez
Is there a gap between Spanish Management Accounting research and professional practice? The academic opinion | (1) Patricia Victor-Ponce, (2) Clara Isabel Muñoz Colomina
A model based on Copula Theory for sustainable and social responsible investments | (1) Amelia Bilbao-Terol, (1) Mar Arenas-Parra, (2) Verónica Cañal-Fernández
Accounting basis adjustments and deficit reliability: Evidence from southern European countries | (1) Maria Antónia Jesus, (2) Susana Jorge
Qualified audit reports: Does greater independence and competency of the auditor increase its information content? | Monica Martinez-Blasco, Josep Garcia-Blandon y Laura Vivas-Crisol
The interactive use of control information and the emotional responses of employees | Laura Gómez-Ruiz y David Naranjo-Gil
Corporate governance effect on financial distress likelihood: Evidence from Spain | Montserrat Manzaneque, Alba María Priego y Elena Merino
Forward-looking disclosure and corporate reputation as mechanisms to reduce stock return volatility | Francisco Bravo
Agency relationship and monopoly. The case of tobacco in Spain (1887-1986) | Eva Chamorro y Macario Cámara a
Measuring corporate social responsibility using composite indices: Mission impossible? The case of the electricity utility industry | (1) Juan Diego Paredes-Gazquez, (2) José Miguel Rodriguez-Fernandez, (1) Marta de la Cuesta-Gonzalez
Design of a model for measuring the reputation of olive oil cooperatives | (1) Francisca Castilla-Polo, (2) María Isabel Sánchez-Hernández, (3) Dolores Gallardo-Vázquez, (4) María del Consuelo Ruiz Rodríguez.

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