Year 2002 | Vol. 5 | Issue 10 | 236 pg.

The Users of Accounting Reporting in Local Governments: an Agency Approach

Ana Cárcaba García

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Reflections around net worth concept

Isidoro Guzmán Raja; Antonio Luis Duréndez Gómez-Guillamón

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The Cross-Section Dynamics of Financial Ratios: Do Ratios Converge Towards the Industry Mean?

Manuel Illueca Muñoz

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Research on the Predictive Ability of Financial Information for Future Earnings: Critical Review and Future Prospects

Carmelo Reverte Maya

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Activity: has it any effect on the economic and financial situation of the firms?

Lázaro Rodríguez Ariza; María Elena Gómez Miranda

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Audit Professional Judgements: The Auditor’s Individual Differences

Guillermo Sierra Molina; María Santa María Pérez

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