Year 2003 | Vol. 6 | Issue 11 | 212 pg.

The Impact of Size and Listing Status on Voluntary Disclosure: an Analysis Based on Costs and Benefits Perceptions

María Rosario Babío Arcay; María Flora Muiño Vázquez; Rosario Vidal Lopo

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A Study of the Incidence of some Factors in the Auditor’s Report

Covadonga Caso Pardo; Julita García Díez; Antonio López Díaz; Antonio Martínez Arias

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Audit Committees – How Useful and Necessary are they?

María Antonia García Benau; María Consuelo Pucheta Martínez, Ana Zorio Grima

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The Consolidated Financial of Corporate Public Sector. The Case of the Junta de Andalucía

Antonio Manuel López Hernández; Isabel Román Martínez; María Gloria López Gordo; María Elena Gómez Miranda

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Management, Control and Auditing Accounting Regulation of the Municipal (Local) Valencian Public Banking in the Late 16th Century and Early 17th Century

Francisco Mayordomo García-Chicote

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An Insolvency Prediction Model Based on Financial Variables. The case of the Catalonian Textile Industry (1994-1997)

Antonio Somoza López; Josep Vallverdú Calafell

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