Year 2004 | Vol. 7 | Issue 13 | 292 pg.

Financial Information and Governance

Leandro Cañibano Calvo

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Analysis of the Indebtedness in the Spanish Autonomous Regions

Bernardino Benito López; Isabel Brusca Alijarde; Vicente Montesinos Julve

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The Impact of the Negative Relation between Accounting Measures of Risk and Return on the Expected Market Return

Manuel Cano Rodríguez; Manuel Núñez Nickel

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Continuous Improvement and Internal Benchmarking Applied to Cost Management: Experience in a Multinational Group

Bernabé Escobar Pérez; José María González González; Antonio Lobo Gallardo

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An Empirical Study on the Size Factor as a Business Determinant

María Elena Gómez Miranda; Lázaro Rodríguez Ariza

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A Study on the Influence of a Country on Banking and Accounting Indicators in México, Chile, Argentina and Spain

Salvador Marín Hernández; Juan Pedro Sánchez Ballesta; María Mercedes Bernabé Pérez

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Changes in the Importance of Accounting Information. Alternatives of Valuation and Empirical Evidence for Spain

Araceli Mora Enguídanos; Pablo José Vázquez Veira

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Analysis of the Utility of the Fair Value for the Valuation of Assets of Spanish Public Sector Entities

Andrés Navarro Galera; Manuel Pedro Rodríguez Bolívar

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