Year 2008 | Vol. 11 | Issue 2 | 150 pg.

Market Risk Reporting by the World’s Top Banks: Evidence on the Diversity of Reporting Practice and the Implications for International Accounting Harmonisation

Margaret Woods; Kevin Dowd; Christopher Humphrey

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Politics and Municipal Financial Management

Bernardino Benito; Francisco Bastida

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Commercial Risk’S Analysts do React to Qualified Audit Reports? An Empiricaial Study

María Consuelo Pucheta Martínez; Antonio Vico Martínez

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The Influence of the Board of Directors on Implementing an Ethics Code

Isabel M. García Sánchez; Luís Rodríguez Domínguez; Isabel Gallego Álvarez

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Environmental and Employee Disclosure in Spain and Germany: A Research Note

Nagore Aranguren Gómez; Elena Ochoa Laburu

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