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Year 2015|Vol. 18|Issue 2|224 pg.
Auditor tenure and audit quality in Spanish state-owned foundations | (1) Belén González-Díaza, (2) Roberto García-Fernándezb, (2)Antonio López-Díaz
Impact of cultural factors on attitude toward using ERP systems in public hospitals | (1) Tomás Escobar-Rodríguez, (2) Lourdes Bartual-Sopen
The effectiveness of cooperative learning in accounting: An empirical test | María del Mar Delgado Hurtado y Luis Ángel Castrillo Lara
The role of the Board of Directors in the creation of value for the company | María Consuelo Pucheta-Martínez
Do the autonomous region financial models influence the efficiency of Spanish national universities? | (1) Manuel Larrán-Jorge, (2) Ángel García-Correas
Quality of internal audit and financial reporting in the Spanish banking industry | (1) Ester Gras-Gil, (2) Salvador Marín-Hernández (3)Domingo García-Pérez de Lema
CSR reporting practices of Eurozone companies | Enrique Bonsón y Michaela Bednárová
Effects of mental workloads on depression–anger symptoms and interpersonal sensitivities of accounting professionals | (1) Azzem Ozkan, (2) Mahmut Ozdevecioglu, (3) Yasemin Kaya, (4) Filiz Ozsahin Koç
The reform of the Spanish accounting standards: An analysis of the institutional framework | (1) Leopoldo Doadrio, (2) María Alvarado y (1) Nieves Carrera
| (1) Javier Legaz Ortiz, (2) Javier Montoya del Corte y (1) Lázaro Rodríguez Ariza

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